Attention dear followers

I have spend a long time without posting anything and that has a reason. 

I felt like the last few of my pieces that I uploaded where coming more from a the notion that I have to upload writings not because I feltthe genuine impulse to share them. 

I want to start a new with a new blog and use that one to truly share what I feel I want to put out there. 

It will take a couple of days to get it up and running and I will post the link to my new blog here. 

Thank you.

What is the most beautiful thing on earth ?

If someone would ask me that question, I would answer:

There are many things in this world, this universe, that are full of beauty. The stars as they light up the sky, like small openings of heaven, they spread their light to bring balance into this seemingly ever-expanding darkness of space. That is beauty.

Nature in herself is an explosion of beauty. She is a treasure chest that we barely opened yet. Her forests, rivers, mountains, her fertile soil, her crystal clear oceans – they are all equal sources of abundance and a display of her artistic capabilities, as nature is the greatest artist of all. And when I ponder about this beauty surrounding us, it takes away my breath every time and brings to life such a deep sense of appreciation and humbleness towards this incredible mystery that lies at the heart of nature. That is beauty.

All of these things are sources of beauty, but there is something that is even more beautiful than these things. What that may be, one might ask.

Let me tell what in my opinion is the most beautiful thing on earth:

A human being, a human being coming alive, coming to appreciate the miracle of life as it unfolds within them and the world that surrounds them.

Looking into a pair of eyes overflowing with radiant life, giving you a taste of that fire burning in that person’s soul, truly no greater beauty can be found.

It is so captivating to witness when a human being moves beyond his or her fears when one’s conditioning is losing its grip, when one’s human expression in all its uniqueness begins flowing freely, truly, there is nothing as beautiful as that.

When all the gifts and talents that one has been given come to the surface and a human being is flowing over with creativity, with enthusiasm, with joy and then becomes a portal through which Spirit can flow freely into the world to create captivating art, stunning music and moving poetry, that carries within itself a beauty that I fail to be able to compare to anything else.

Words, words, so many words..

Words, words, so many words..

Words are dead and yet they carry life within them, like pills that encapsulate the life-saving substance in their cold dead plastic skin. Words, language… in my opinion one of the most impressive inventions of humankind, the one that fascinates me tremendously.

Words are in themselves only meaningful in the context of meaning we ascribe to them, otherwise, they are empty and meaningless and yet, they are maybe the most helpful thing we as a species have ever brought forth.

Without them, Lovers couldn’t surrender themselves to each other, they couldn’t pour their hearts into letters that transcend the limitations of distance.

Without them, there would be no jokes being told around the table and the joy and laughter that would echo through the room would go unheard and unfelt, what a loss that would be.

Without them, we couldn’t enjoy the dance of the poet’s pen on paper, onto which he poured his very soul during a dark night when Spirit breathed inspiration into his tired body.

Without them, a silent prayer of gratitude whispered into the night’s sky being carried by the winds could not reach its destination in the ethereal regions.

We talk so much, so so much, every single day, so much that we have forgotten the sweet taste of silence, we have forgotten, that silence has a language of its own and it sounds beautiful if we would be able to hear again.

But nevertheless, I love it, that meaningless blabbering coming out of our mouths.

We belong here

I know it is hard to believe nowadays, but we belong here. You, I, everyone belongs here. We made our planetary home our enemy because we made ourselves into an enemy, but we human beings belong here.

We belong here, like the bird’s wings cutting through the sky,
We belong here, like the fish piercing through the ocean’s skin,
We belong here, like the seed in the soil awaiting its own blossoming,
Let us not believe otherwise, we belong here.

Don’t make yourself believe otherwise.. you too belong here.

Cup of Truth

A poem inspired by an experience I had a while ago, that had a life-changing impact on me.

I drank,

Unknowingly leaving behind myself,
Laying open before me the mess of what I was, that I am.
A journey into an ocean of unknowing,
Leaving behind the burden of knowledge,
Witnessing the birth of wonder within.

Facing the demons that lurked in me,
No help, no guidance, just facing the mess of myself in silence,
Facing Truth, cutting through the layers of my lies,
She threw me into the dirt of my own selfishness,
Offering her loving hand to help me stand up,
Before me, a vision of what can be.

Washing off the dirt with tears of Love and Grace,
She held me high, in the immensity of her loving forgiveness,
Me, holding the knowing of what I may become,
Awakening of potential within, I stood firm on the ashes of what is left behind,
I see the world anew, beauty all around, I see, with eyes washed clean,
Your manifestation, nothing but Love overflowing.

I stumbled across the floor,
Trying to reach the warming fire to warm the cold I touched within me,
Sitting in the darkness of the night, there was light glowing within,
Sitting next to each other, more has been said with silence, than words are able to,
Immersed in Life’s song I let myself fall into the moment, letting go,
Time stood still as I witnessed the mystery around.

Exhaustion and nausea led me to my place to rest,
Her whisper following my every step,
Closing my eyes, She paints pictures in my mind’s eye,
Colors and sounds of immense beauty where my lullaby,
Reflecting on what I just experienced, I laughed with tears,
Life is much more beautiful than it appears.



What does it mean, to be human?

What does it mean, to be human?

I think, that this is a question we all asked ourselves. I mean here we are, humans, this species walking on two feet on a floating island called earth, what a mysterious and rather odd situation when we think about it – like holy shit, you are alive! Just take one little moment and acknowledge this. You are alive and in front of you is nothing else than the possibility, to embrace what is right in front of your face, there is no guidebook, no manual for how to be alive. We are born into a mystery and the only sane thing to do is to embrace it for what it is.

So what does it mean to be human, to be alive? Is this life not more than mindless consumption and neurotic gratification through all kinds of things we distract ourselves with? To fill this horrible emptiness that is lurking within us, if we don’t do anything at all? If we allow ourselves to just be, we all feel it to some extent, a feeling of isolation, of meaninglessness, of not being good enough, a subtle sense of fear – it is the background noise of our lives, it is the underlying sense of knowing that there is something wrong, it is the human condition today.

Being human means more than consuming and buying one goodie after another while carrying the illusion, that this will make you happy or whole. Our lives have grown shallow and loose their substance. People are frustrated, full of anger and fear, the light in their eyes has vanished.  It is almost like they need sticks to hold their eyes open because they are so tired.( Just like in the picture above 😉 )We are in desperate need to be woken up to the miracle that is in a continuing process of unfolding around us. We have, to a large extent, grown cold and insensitive to ourselves and the world. Looking around I ask myself – and that is what it means to experience human life? This has to be a joke that I fail to find funny in any way. WAKE UP!

This feeling tries to tell us something, if we are courageous enough, to listen, it will tell us that we have to stop. We have to stop wasting our time, we have to stop forcing us to be anything else than what we are right now, we have to stop letting fear make our decisions for us, we have to stop worrying about what other people think, we have to stop trying to fulfill their expectations, we have to see that life is so much more than what we have been told. This is so amazing, it is so precious, so fragile, life is a gift and you are a gift to life.

Being human means, to be full of mistakes and to be vulnerable. There is no strength in keeping up your shield, there is tremendous strength in dropping it and to be open. Nothing is more strong and courageous than to reveal yourself to this world as you are. No filter, no makeup, no bullshit, just the beauty of raw humanness. To be human means, to create, not just to consume. To be human means to help your fellow men, to live life to the fullest because there is nothing left to do other than that. You are not the character this world wants you to be – not these limiting beliefs, these doubts, this fear that has been injected into you since you were born. Shake it off. You are brilliance itself, you hold more potential than you were told. We must do life the favor, to be fully alive, to create, to add to its majesty. A life will have gone to waste if it didn’t bring more beauty to the world.

To be human means, to explore your inner world, to face the darkness that lives there, to move beyond it, to make as many mistakes as possible, fall on your knees as often as possible and stand up again. Life here is challenging, it will always be and it’s good that way because that’s the only thing that makes us grow as human beings. Now go and stand on your own two feet, because no one will do it for you. You stand alone, there are friends, family, and relationships, but you have to stand alone, they can’t be there forever and they won’t, but to be able to stand alone without someone else as a crutch to help you do that is something incredibly important, it will remove neediness and the feeling of being dependent on others out of your life experience and only then true human relation is possible, then they are rooted in freedom, in acceptance and maturity.

This is it. This is life, your life – live it your way, not someone else’s way. You have nothing to lose. You can do anything you want, everything is just open for you to explore. Just have trust and there will be doors opened for you, that otherwise would have stayed shut.

Life, our universe, our planet and our place in all of this – the miracle of existence

Life is a wonderful thing, it is really a great and sacred miracle, that we experience in every second of our lives, but when do we actually take the time, to drop our worries, doubts, fears and plans – even just for a minute – to just recognize that? Just take a deep breath and take in with all your senses what is around you. Let that sink in: You are alive, a human being, part of the human family, unique in your expression you share an immense sameness with everyone around you. Life is so amazing.

Now when we look around, we often see the symptoms of a disease, that has befallen so many of us, all around the world. The symptoms of this disease are environmental pollution, wars, poverty, racism, sexism – any form of suffering inflicted on human beings or nature. I asked myself quite a while, what the root cause of those symptoms might be and I could only find an answer by looking at myself and what I found as the root of all those problems we face and what I found is the overall sense of separation from ourselves, each other and our surrounding world. This hallucination of separation that has been culturally conditioned in front of our perception and our experience of reality is one of the main causes of all the problems we have in our world.

Look around you. The trees you see, they are your lungs, because they clean the very air you breathe.

The seas, lakes, and rivers around you, they are your veins, , the water they give nourishes you, just like the blood in your veins is keeping your body alive.

The acres, the soil, the earth that you walk upon, they are your support to let you stand strong and they are the ground in which your food grows.

What happens when those lungs are destroyed, those rivers and seas are being poisoned and the earth you put your feet on will be so infused with chemicals and pesticides, that the earth that once helped you to stand on your own, will cauterize your very feet?

We will fall and this is what we see happening today and if we want to put an end to the destruction of our very Source, that nourishes us and makes it possible for us to live, we have to remember our deep connection with our earth and with each other. How could we be able to kill our very Source that enables us to live, if deep in our hearts we could feel her being alive herself? Could we kill the mother that gave birth to us? No. Why then do we do it to the mother of all of us? Because we lost touch with her on a much deeper level than physical reality. This will sound too much for some people, especially people that look for all the answers in science, but I say it as I feel it to be true and as I experience it, when I spend time in nature:

Earth is alive, she is an intelligent Being in herself.

This is what we have to recognize, if we want to survive as a race, as one human family. So no, you are not a meaningless fragment in an alienating world. The earth that now helps you to stand and support you, one day will be the bed where you will fall into your final sleep. It all came from the earth and returns to it. Treat it with respect. So whatever keeps you in feeling isolated, in the feeling of being unimportant, put it aside.

Drop those beliefs, drop those limitations that have been put on the brilliance and potential that you really are, no matter how hard that may because let’s just be honest for a minute here. We have become addicted, addicted to the feeling of powerlessness that has been infused into us, to those so-called limitations that we were told to believe in, of not being part of something much greater than we could ever imagine. You are strong and there is something within you, that no one told you exist, a treasure of greater worth than anything the world has to offer. Be courageous, be brave, be true and be you, give yourself the permission, to let your brilliance be expressed in some way and never let anyone take away your power, stand tall on your own two feet and walk with integrity and righteousness.

The times that we are living in are confusing, exhausting and troubling and bring a lot of challenges with them and there is no mistake to be made about it, we are indeed facing global crisis, but crisis gives birth to opportunity, opportunity for new ideas to be heard, opportunity for new ways of thinking to arise and with those things something new can see the light of the world. If we now take into consideration all that is happening in the world, it needs no saving, it needs no one to look after, once we rediscover this deep connection we have, but this fact is not an excuse not to care for the home we have, but to keep it in a bigger perspective. You are not here to save the earth, you are here to get to know who you really are, so don’t get too entangled in the world and neither renounce it.

You go and take responsibility for how you interact with other people, how you treat the earth and what kind of energy you radiate into the world, get into alignment with your Being and trust it, never ever will it lead you astray. We have to move away from fear more and more, because fear keeps us from realizing how powerful we are, because you are far more powerful than you were told and grew up to believe.